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Let the Alpha Capital Property Management department take over the hassle of all the administrative and operational processes of your commercial, industrial and residential real estate. As a land or property owner, you are undoubtedly familiar with all the stresses and strains that come part and parcel with your investment. By outsourcing your property management to Alpha Capital you can be sure that your assets – whether raw land or real estate, developed or undeveloped – will be managed and overseen with all the care and expertise you would expect with ultimate transparency and credibility. As your property portfolio expands, it is vitally important to make sure that your investments are in safe hands and that all of the administrative and operational steps are taken care of efficiently and effectively with the minimum fuss and for maximum return on your original outlay.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you enlist the services of Alpha Capital Property Management:

Expert Evaluation

The property market is always changing and even if you are a keen real estate investor it is becoming more and more essential to enlist the expertise of industry professionals before, during and after a new investment. The Alpha Capital team will be able to help you with the following:

• Advice on particular regions and areas for your investment. Where is up-and-coming? Where should you avoid?
• Help with deciding whether to invest in commercial or residential property or both, plus how to alter your rental strategy according to the purpose of the building?
• Suggestions on how to refurbish and maintain different real estate according to its value and potential.
• Provide research and results on the rent potential of similar and contrasting properties in similar and contrasting areas to way up whether your potential investment is a sound one.

Tenancy Tasks

When it comes to property management, one of the most arduous areas to take care of – yet the most important to get right – is that of the tenants. From finding the right person to rent your property to keeping them happy once they are in is almost a fine art. This is where experience is always an advantage. Alpha Capital will manage the following aspects on your behalf to keep your tenants happy and you – the landlord – even happier:

• Advertisement of property by appropriate means to attract the best possible tenants.
• Vetting and selection of possible tenants including background checks and financial verification.
• Administration and execution of property lease, deposit, inventory and inspection.
• Regular collection of rent, including chasing up late payments and enforcing fees if necessary.
• Being a point of contact for tenants on your behalf.
• Conducting inspections and evictions as and when necessary.
• Taking care of the moving out process and subsequent relisting of a property as and when it becomes available.

Financial & Legal

Ensuring that your accounts are fully up-to-date at all times can be a task that many of us dread. Yet when making an investment, we need to make sure that all in-goings, out-goings and taxes are kept immaculate so we can fully understand the status of our business at all times. Keeping your accounts in-house along with all of the other advantages of the Alpha Capital Property Management service means that everything is in one place and we can keep track of your running costs and more importantly your profits, and relay them back to you whenever necessary. Financial and legal help you will benefit from can include:

• Detailed records of all payments, invoices, warranties, receipts and expenses for a full paper trail on all of your investments.
• Help with loans, mortgages, leases and inspection reports; plus the carrying out and payment thereof.
• Make payments on your behalf for running costs, upkeeps, wages (if necessary) for grounds men, tradesmen and other services.
• Monthly report and cash-flow statement to detail all financial activity for individual properties and larger portfolios.
• Help with annual tax return.
• Legal advice for best practice as a landlord.
• Legal advice for problematic tenants and/or disputes with other parties as and when they arise.
• Help with latest land and property laws that must be adhered to when buying and renting out real estate.

If you are a property owner that wants to become a seller or a buyer that wants to become a property owner, look no further than Alpha Capital to aid you on your new venture. Our property brokerage strategy could not be simpler. We aim to provide real estate investments opportunities across the four options of raw land development, raw land investment, real estate development and real estate units. We can provide these for commercial, industrial and residential properties both at home and abroad. Through extensive research, Alpha Capital is proud to offer a wealth of real estate investment opportunities with maximum potential to provide a return on your outlay, plus national and international sales information and intelligence on the forecasting on the best places to invest right now.

By enlisting a property broker like Alpha Capital you can be sure of a team of expert and professional intermediaries every step of the way on your buying and selling journey; from finding the right investment for you, to brokering the most efficient and effective deal, to aiding with all the necessary financial and legal details. Even after the deal has been made, Alpha Capital can provide gold standard property management so you can reap the rewards of your new investment without the headache. The main advantage of working with Alpha Capital is that you can expect transparency and credibility throughout the whole process with sound communication and a solid team you can trust.

Trying to understand the formalities of every tax associated with the buying, selling and renting of real estate is an arduous task that would test even the most resolute of men. However, as you become a successful investor in property, tax is one of – if not the  – main aspect of your business that you must keep on top of at all times. Even if you begin to understand the workings of tax in your home country; starting to invest abroad will bring about so many new challenges when it comes to tax returns and payments.

The Alpha Capital Tax Advisory Department could be just the key to your peace of mind when it comes to investing in real estate. The team of finance experts at Alpha Capital is professional qualified and accredited to handle all of your tax responsibilities including producing regular statements and reports, calculating tax returns, balancing books and taking care of any tax you have you pay when you conduct national and international real estate investments. In short, the team will take care of any financial situation as and when it arises so that you can sit back happily and enjoy every entrepreneur’s favourite aspect of money; making it.